Bo Jackson

March 29, 2024


Podium 1 Racing had the privilege of hosting a group from the Porsche Club of America (PCA) where were able to mingle and discuss our shared journey towards blending the thrill of motorsport with the cutting-edge world of sim racing.

Podium 1 Racing was able to host a number of members from the Porsche Club of America. PCA has long been the cornerstone for Porsche enthusiasts across North America. With an interesting history spanning over six decades, the club has grown into a community, offering an events, experiences, educational resources, and the opportunity to network and connect with your fellow Porsche aficionado. 

The night kicked off with an introduction to Podium 1 Racing, as well as sim racing in general. This led to a Q&A session on the intricacies sim racing, addressing the PCA members' questions about the technology and its evolution. This was an opportunity for them to understand the depth of sim racing's realism and its importance in the racing world. The PCA members then toured the Podium 1 wareouse, showcasing our inventory, production line, and the ability to see the build from start to finish. 

Then came the moment of truth: hands-on demo of our systems that allowed the PCA members to put theories into practice. Once seated, they were put in a Porsche GT3R, racing on tracks like Barber Motorsports Park and Road Atlanta. For four of the members, seasoned sim racers themselves, the experience was a eye opening into all that the sport has developed. They have been racing in the well established PCA iRacing league. That's right, PCA has their own simracing league that is among the largest leagues out there!

The PCA iRacing league operates multiple leagues within the iRacing platform to allow various series and special events, each tailored for different purposes. This allows PCA to provide competitive opportunities for its large group of racers.

When you first join the PCA Sim Racing League, and completing an onboarding class, members are initially placed in the Entry Class league. They are then able gain on-track experience and instruction from eDE instructors on Sunday evenings. Based on their performance and experience, drivers can then move into one of four driver classes: Challenge, Sport, Club, or Pro Class. They also host where drivers from all four classes can compete together, emphasizing the community PCA is all about​​​​​​.

This turned out to be more than just a casual meeting of like minded enthusiasts; it was a great example of the seamless transition between the track and the world of sims. As the club continues to explore these frontiers, the focus remains on fostering their community that celebrates the  Porsche ownership and racing. The future looks exciting as possibilities for more events like these unfold. Keep an eye out for public opportunities to see how Podium 1 is leading the sim space. Until then, thank you Porsche Club of America for taking the time.

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