"For over 10 years we develop top class motion cockpits, motion platforms and dedicated add-ons and accessories for customers looking for the most realistic simulation. From today, you will find in our product portfolio top-notch sim racing hardware and accessories. Our goal is to provide a complete product, which is why we combine software and hardware to obtain the most realistic simulation by reproducing the all possible detail from the real environment. We are extremely proud that every element of our devices (intended for professional display and advanced projects as well as more intimate exhibitions or private home use) is designed, manufactured, tested and developed in our factory in Poland.
Due to close cooperation with local resellers on four continents, we have no barriers to delivering our motion solution worldwide."


The all New


"The QS-V20 is an extended 4DoF motion cockpit, designed for pro racing car simulation, dedicated to both drivers training and sim racing enthusiasts. The motion system based on world’s fastest linear actuator’s technology provides incredible levels of vehicle feedback to the driver. This motion platform is suitable for Rally, GT and F1 simulations, also the small footprint and lightweight design allow to fit the machine to every racing room."

The next evolution in

Motion Cockpits

The QS-S25 is an advanced motion cockpit, designed for the most demanding racers who are looking for a professional simulation experience on high top level. The motion system based on patent pending linear actuator’s technology allows a much stronger sensation range such as under steer, loss of grip or overloading during brake clearly blurring the difference between reality and virtual environment. Due to the combination of dedicated accessories and the QubicManager software, the 6DoFmotion platform provides drivers with an extreme experience like in a real race or during the ultimate flights.

Modular and Compact

Motion platforms

Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the extremely quiet operation makes the QubicSystem QS-220 and QS-210 motion platforms perfect base not only for professional application but also for home users in various types of cockpits. Additional sets of linear actuators can be configured as a 4 and 6 actuated system to provide 3 / 4 / 6DOF using dedicated cockpits from Qubic System product line.

KING of the Entry Level


"QS-BT1 significantly enhances the level of realism, providing you with an unparalleled opportunity to deeply engage in the intricate dynamics of braking.This innovative device transforms car simulations into an exhilarating and exceptionally authentic experience, setting a new standard for the intensity and authenticity of virtual driving."