"Build rock solid things"

"We create sim racing gear that exceeds expectations. As a technology leader in sim racing, we are here to create long-lasting high quality products, exceed customer expectations and innovate so that racers can have the best gear available."



"Simucube ActivePedal is the world’s first pedal created by you. With unlimited adjustability, repeatability, and telemetry based force feedback effects, it is designed to be the last pedal you’ll need."

Simucube 2 wheelbases

Race with confidence

There is absolutely no hint of cogging, torque ripple, grainness or notchiness in Simucube 2 wheelbases resulting in a consistently smooth & immersive racing experience. The high fidelity of our wheelbases will allow you to feel every aspect of the road.


Gain confidence and make less mistakes

The feeling you want, consistently. Having a perfectly consistent pedal/pedals will allow you to gain confidence in your racing ability, and therefore make less mistakes

A wheel you don't want to let go

Simucube Valo GT-23

The rim of the wheel is made from black anodised CNC milled aluminium, covered with a material called Alcantara. Sounds fancy, feels like that as well.

A fully rigid wheel with zero flex and a maximum grip.