RaceHub is our central software where you can calibrate and fine-tune your Asetek SimSports products to fit your exact needs.

It comes with an extensive feature set whether you’re calibrating your pedals, steering wheel, or wheelbase. 

Every aspect of RaceHub is designed for you – so you can spend your time racing instead of solving problems.

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Cube Controls
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GT Pro (Wireless)
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  • GT Pro Sparco WIRELESS

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Fequently Asked Questions - In Progress

D-Box Motion systems

Few things here to address:

1: Make sure you install motion core first, then system configurator. We have a video here that goes over some of the basics.

2: Once that section is completed, make sure you sign up and create an account in the Game Center section. Once completed, make sure you install the code for the specific game you look to race on!

3: If you notice all the green lights are not illuminated on the bridge, make sure you check all the power cables. Specifically at the split cables. Press firmly to make sure power is connected. Once all the lights are on, try to test the system again.


1: Make sure you have Simhub installed on your system and that your device is located in the device section of the software. If you do not see it listed, click add a device, search for your device in the list and select it.

Simhub software, if not installed, can be located here


This can happen from time to time with all pedals. A rather easy fix, open the software that manages your pedals - Racehub for example with Asetek Pedals - And run the calibration to reset the pedals to resolve. Also adjust the dead zones so if you are two footing, you aren't brake dragging simply from resting your foot on the pedal.


iRacing, as much as we all love it, is somewhat dated in some areas. Some times under the sound options you'll see your sound option showing as disconnected even though its clearly on and connected to the PC. Simply hit the drop-down menu and select the right audio output that doesn't have the "disconnected" label next to it.


In the system tray on the bottom of your menu bar, locate the Nvidia icon and right click it. Click on Nvidia Control Panel.

Click configure surround from the menu bar on the left. Then click the Configure button located in the window.

A screen should open that shows the multiple monitors and the corresponding number associated with it. Make sure your actual screens and their numbers match up with the graphic displayed. Click and drag the monitors in the window so they are positioned in the right order and click enable surround.


Currently we work directly with Trakracer. For our Turnkey and bundles, items are brought to our facilities and either assembled or gathered and shipped directly to you.

If purchasing an individual chassis, items can be fulfilled from Us or Trakracer directly from our facilities in Nashville or Texas. Items will typically ship within a few days but due to the global production strain sometimes items can take a little longer. Our team strives to communicate with everyone and work through all available options.

We are working on other relationships with brands to bring on other unique sim racing chassis to market.

support cont.

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