"Cube Controls is an Italian company and attention to Beauty is part of its DNA. Our products are designed in our facility in Sardinia and every piece is unique: all of them are hand-assembled, hand-checked and hand-packed, for a premium experience.

As we want to guarantee top performances, the only way to achieve them is to use high-quality materials: carbon fiber and CNC-machined aluminium components are a must. It’s not just a matter of making good-looking sim racing steering wheels, but guaranteeing precision and reliability for the best racing experience."

Cube Contols

Put together two guys with completely different backgrounds and the same love for speed, and you will have the beginning of a great journey.
One is an ex motorcycle racer with a passion for the track since he was a 10-year-old boy, one is a sim racer who builds his own steering wheels to improve his setup. Mix business acumen with a keen eye for design and BOOM!

Precision in Every Turn


Take complete control of your car with one of the ergonomic and fully customizable steering wheels. As an Italian company, beauty is part of its DNA. All wheels are built to last, and with over 120 different input options, you have the opportunity to tailor your wheel to fit you and your needs perfectly.

Performance Above All


"A team of 16 passionate people who work (and race) hard every day to bring you the best sim racing steering wheels. Our goal is to give you the thrill of a real motorsport experience, maybe your cars are virtual but the adrenaline is real! It’s all about performance. We want to give you the same excitement of a real-racer and feel the precision of a real steering wheel, for that extra mile, that gear shift at the right time that makes the difference.