The All New H1SQ Dual Mode Shifter

From the creators of one of the best shifters in Sim Racing, BDH Race Sim Hardware has announced the All-New Dual Mode Shifter - H1SQ. The new shifter features the H1 "Bazooka" in all its glory with the added benefit of quickly changing from H-Pattern to a Sequential from a simple twist of the all-new-collar design.

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The All New


The next evolution to one of the best shifters in sim racing. The all new H1SQ from BDH. H-pattern to Sequential, its all here in a newly designed enclosure.

All New

Dual Mode Collar

Quickly, without the need for tools or changing plates, go from H-Pattern to Sequential and back within seconds.

Twist the all new collar design and the shifter will become a sequentiual shifter.

Newly Designed


Updated from the BDH H1 Shifter, the newly designed tensioner allows you to adjust real time and mechanically the tension in the gear shifts. Turn one direction to loosen and make shifts take little effort. Go the other direction and bang through gears like visceral race cars.

First 220 Units

Launch Edition

Each of the first run of 220 shifters comes with the unique Launch Edition insignia


Meet The Team

In this video, BDH Race Sim founder, Dave, introduces us to the latest member of the BDH team – Ben. Ben has helped to drive the business forwards in the past few months.

BDH Race Sim hardware is a British family company producing some of the finest hand-crafted sim racing gear shifters in the world.

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