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Anatomy of a sim rig

"Your Eyes"

The Monitor

Monitors are the window to what you see on the track. You want to make sure that you have the right monitor set up as well as Field of View to give you the most accurate visual experience.

We primarily use 32" Samsung G5 QHD Triple Screen Monitor setup.

"Your Control"

The Wheel / Wheel Base

What connects you to the car and thus the road, the wheel is one of the key components to a sim rig. Not only do racing wheels control your steering and shifting, they also control various inputs to the car. Brake Bias, Traction Control, Ignition, Lights, Wipers and so much more can all be within a fingers reach. Make sure you have the inputs you need for your style of racing and immersion.

Cube Controls CSX3 shown in this picture has 12 back lit LED buttons, four thumb encorder, 4 rotary encorders, 2 joysticks and more.

Wheel attached to Simucube Sport 2 wheel base.

"Seating Position"

Sim Racing Chair

If youre going to be sim racing, you need a chair that is comfortable enough to spend hours in yet gives you the sense of being in a race car. Sim Racing seats are designed to look like acutal racing seats from different types of racing with the comfort of a

Speed Control


Arguably the most important part to racing in general, the pedals and their usage. Throttle control, Brake control, carrying momentum and more are directly influenced by pedals and their settings.

Asetek Fortes shown with the Invicta clutch.

The Foundation

Sim Racing Chassis

The foundation of your entire build. If not the right type for your hardware, you might as well not have any. Everything mounts to this base so it needs to be strong and sturdy and outfitted with the right type of mounts for your specific hardware. Having something with very little flex, if any at all, is what you need to ensure the devices are providing you with true feedback.

Trakracer TR-120 shown with the Simucube front mount for total torque management.

Command Center

The PC

The brains of the operation, the PC is what controls everything. PC varies depending on need of performance and type of screens being used. Youll want to be sure the PC you choose has enough inputs and outputs available for all the periphrials and monitors.

MSI Aegis shown.

Monitor Stand

Single Screen or Triples? No motion or full motion system? What size screen(s)? The monitor stand comes in various sizes and styles based on how you build out your rig. Direct cockpit mounted or freestanding monitor stands available for the perfect fit.

Full Haptics Motion

D-Box Gen 5 Motion Option

To really take immersion to the next level, motion systems are available to add to your rig. A four point system with haptics and 3 Degrees of Freedom, each actuator represents a tire. Feel tire slipage, curbs, rumble strips, understeer, elevation changes, rear tire loss and so much more.

D-Box Gen 5 Four Point System Shown. Availble for use with Racing Sims, Flight Sims, FPS Games, Movies and more.