What is sim racing?

By now, you've definitely heard of sim racing from friends, family or the internet. Why else would you be here? The main question is what IS sim racing and is it just another way to play video games or is there something more to this insanely growing esport.

On this page we wanted to share just a few examples of sim racing, thoughts about it from actual drivers, who is using them and shed some light on the subject.

Starting with this video below from Will at Boosted Media in Australia, watch as he does a race at Spa in a GT3 car among other drivers from around the world.

How Similar is it?

Many ask this question while many others assume sim racing is just another way to play video games in "moms basement". Professional drivers, amateurs and enthusiasts alike use sims to hone their craft, practice for race days, tracks and to learn and understand the basics of driving on a race track.

Take a look at this short video from Daniel Morad as he compares his driving experience on the real Indianapolis circuit in an AMG GT4 car vs iRacing in the same car at the same circuit.








Romain Grojean


Daniel Morad

GT3 / GT4

Natalie Decker


and countless others.

Does it translate?

Many wonder even though the pro's use sims, can a sim racer practice and learn only on a sim then translate that to real world driving? take a look at some examples below - you'll be blown away.

Does it translate

sim drifter tries 900bhp

" Ever wondered what would happen if you put a sim-drifter behind the wheel of a fire-breathing 900bhp championship-winning Nissan Silvia S15 drift car? Well, here’s your answer ..."

See full video here

Suellio Almeida

On Youtube

Jimmy Broadbent

On YouTube

James Baldwin

On Youtube

These are just a few examples of sim racers turning pro. It's happening more and more throughout the world as sim racing is making it easier for people to access, learn and develop their skills in racing. In 2023, Gran Turismo was released at the Box Office telling the story of a sim racer turned pro. Sim racing is that good.

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