"We put your senses IN THE DRIVING SEAT."

"Our seats are more than just a set of components. They’re made of innovation, quality, premium materials, craftsmanship and a serious passion for cars. From the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics to uncompromising sporting flair, our products are as diverse and exacting as the individuals who buy them. And always in the quality you expect from RECARO. Choose cutting-edge performance that puts you in the driving seat."

Enjoy the ride!

Here are PODIUM 1, although Sim Racing focused, we offer both the sim racing seats as well as fully FIA certified seats from RECARO.

Here are a few that we sell regularly however we can get anything RECARO has to offer. Not seeing something you want? Let us know and we can help out.

The Best in the Business


"We’re equally obsessed with motorsport. Whatever record you broke yesterday, you aspire to beat it today. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways for you to shave a little time off your next lap – safely. Winning is one thing. But to be a champion, you need to keep learning and developing."

Experience RECARO differently.

With the RECARO Pro SIM Star we bring a real RECARO Automotive seat from the road straight to your home.SIM racing enthusiasts can experience better playing in the new RECARO Pro SIM Star that provides perfect support while holding the body in the best possible ergonomic position.

Sitting safely to win safely.

Just as auto manufacturers go racing to put their technology to the ultimate test before it trickles down to their passenger vehicles, RECARO Automotive uses the hard lessons learned on the racing circuit and rally terrain to develop better seats for both road and track.

With seats in race cars competing in every imaginable environment the world over, RECARO Automotive is always accumulating data and feedback that results in ever-improving levels of safety, innovation, and comfort for all its customers.

No Compromises
Safety First

"After 29 years in motorsport and series development, my body has definitely come to appreciate the superb comfort of RECARO seats. Even more so on the Nordschleife when I'm facing the challenge of so many fast sections and centrifugal forces they produce - not to mention the bumps - a perfectly shaped seat is worth its weight in gold."

- Frank Stippler