Asetek SimSports stands out in the sim racing domain through their commitment to precision and authenticity. Each product, from pedals to wheelbases, is crafted with premium materials, embodying the thrill and precision of real-life racing. Their dedication to quality ensures a deeply immersive experience that satisfies the rigorous demands of both professional sim racers and enthusiasts.

5 stars

Asetek sim sports

"Asetek products are truly top-notch and they are very professional. They listen closely to their customers and collaborate with F1 driver Kevin Magnussen to adjust and develop the equipment, which is truly outstanding. Thank you very much! At home, I am equipped with an Asetek Forte Bundle. It's a dream come true!"

Take complete control

A Wheel for Every Race

Take complete control of your car with one of our ergonomic and fully customizable steering wheels. All wheels are built to last, and with over 120 different input options, you have the opportunity to tailor your wheel to fit you and your needs perfectly.

unparalleled responsiveness

Precision at Every Curve

Direct Drive Wheelbases stand out as the top-tier solution for both pro drivers and sim racers. With unparalleled precision, responsiveness, and durability, they provide an unmatched driving experience that elevates your performance to new heights.improving levels of safety, innovation, and comfort for all its customers.

Boost Your Performance


Sim racing pedals are essential for your success in the simulator. Pedals are more than just an throttle and a brake. They are your connection to the track. And with the right pedals, you can experience authentic racing and feel the adrenaline of hitting bumps and curbs on race tracks around the world.