Bo Jackson

March 19, 2024

Ian Porter: From Digital Domination to Asphalt Ambitions

Crimsix Takes the Podium

Some of you may remember him as “FaZe Crimsix” from his days of streaming Call Of Duty, but he has started a new journey, transitioning into the world of racing. As a CoD competitor, Ian has built a name for himself, winning three world Championships as well as plenty of other tournament victories highlighting his skill and abilities.

CrimSix began his racing journey like many of us, with sim racing. That said, he knew his intent and what he wanted to get out of it. He didn't want to just dominate the track online, but he wanted to learn skills that translated onto the real world circuits. His involvement with FaZe Clan's sim racing team in the ESL R1 league proved that he was able to blend his gaming knowledge with his newfound racing skills. This served as a bridge, connecting the worlds of esports and competitive racing, and opened his eyes to the possibilities ahead of him.

The transition from sim racing to actual track racing is no easy feat.That didn't stop Ian. His debut race weekend at Sebring, as part of the RAFA Racing Team by JDX in the Porsche Sprint Challenge North America, was phenomenal. He demonstrated a natural aptitude for racing and clinched a pair of victories. His performance was a testament to not only the amount of work and preparation he and his team have put in, but it also showcases the seamless transfer of skills from sim racing to real world racing.

Through these wins, Crimsix not only challenges narratives around the skills that Sim Racers have, but also helps inspire others, proving that with practice and commitment, it's possible to achieve success in entirely different realms.

Well done, Ian Porter.