Handmade in the USA, GSI is known for making some of the BEST sim racing wheels on the market. Carbon Fiber rims and frames, paddles, LED touch panel displays, back lit LED buttons with complete customization these track weapons offer everything needed to consistently attack the track.

The Best in the Business

Gomez Sim Industries

Renowned by just about everyone in the sim racing community, GSI is known to make some of the best designed and functioning wheels on the market.

Attention to Detail to the


Every GSI model is carefully designed and crafted. From the backlit LED buttons, touch panel displays, funky switches and more, you'll find every inch is made of quality materials you would expect from a premium racing wheel. Carbon fiber facing, aluminum unibody housing, stiff encorders and more, its all here. Offered in multiple colors, even complete custom options available, you can get exactly what you're looking for.

Endless inputs

at your fingertips

As much as the look and aesthetics matter to us all, a wheel must also allow the driver to quickly and accurately make adjustments to the car on the fly. With the backlit LED buttons, multiple encoders, touch panel displays on some models, and multiple shifter options - Each GSI wheel offers options for even the most advanced sim racer.

No Compromises

Constant Progression

GSI is constantly pushing the boundaries with new models and improved features. Always listening to the community, GSI paves the way leaving others in the dust.