"Faster Like Never Before."

"MOZA Racing is dedicated to designing and building the world’s best sim-racer-focused hardware and software products that enable everyone, from amateurs to professionals, to race at their very best"

5 stars


"I purchased this because I was upgrading from the rookie logitech wheel and pedal setup, this base is might I say extremely small but holds a lot of power, it feels fantastic and is ideally the perfect wheel base for my setup. I use the ES wheel and the mod for the formula one wheel is also really good for its price."



"MOZA racing is revolutionizing simracing with the development of innovative industry leading hardware & software products. They have been long trusted as Gudsen MOZA, the world’s leading manufacturer of camera stabilizers and gimbal cameras."

Delivers a dynamic

racing expierence

Moza offers a remarkable combination of power and performance by ensuring a dynamic racing experience. They deliver precise and immersive force feedback, and guarantee durability and a sleek aesthetic.


quality and endurance

Moza is machined with high-strength steel, giving superior quality and endurance. They allow the driver's foot and pedal to follow the same trajectory, which makes throttle control easier and more accurate.