Turnkey Builds

These systems are completely built by our team in house, software loaded, configured and tested. Then crated up and shipped to your door ready to go. Everything from the PC, Monitors, Chair, Chassis, Pedals, Wheel, Motor and more all the way to the surge protectors. Typically people have these unloaded and ready to race within an hour.

Shipping Included in Pricing.

TurnKeys require up to 6 weeks to build, configure and ship. They can definitely ship much sooner, just depends on inventory at the time and global production limitations. Podium 1 will communicate with you through the process.

Note: These are just starting points. Any system can be adjusted based on needs and what you're looking for. Each system includes a current gen RTX 40 series PC, Monitors, Chassis, Chair, Direct Drive, Wheel, Pedals and so much more - built, configured, tested and delivered to your door.

TRX "ASCARI" Turnkey