Podium 1 Racing: Where Sim Racing Meets Culture

In August of last year, Podium 1 Racing embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to an exceptional new setting deeply embedded within automotive culture. This strategic move has not only broadened our operational capabilities but also profoundly enriched our community engagement. Our team, now boasting 17 dedicated members, has significantly ramped up its productivity. We are now adept at crafting 2-3 high-quality sim racing systems each day, a testament to our growth and commitment to excellence.

Our new innovative space is shared with Exautic Autosport and Mill Creek Brewery, offering a distinctive blend of automotive excellence and craft beer (what could be better than that?) Visitors are invited to experience the best of three worlds under one roof: Drop your car off at Exotic Autosport, and marvel at their amazing customer car inventory. Then savor beer from Mill Creek Brewery while you configure your own cutting-edge sim racing simulator crafted by us. This unique combination of cars, beer, and sim racing makes our location a must-visit destination for enthusiasts and professionals alike, embodying a holistic approach to purchasing a simulator.

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