Connecting Your MOZA FSR Formula Wheel to a Fanatec Wheelbase:

Connecting Your MOZA FSR Formula Wheel to a Fanatec Wheelbase:

This past December (2022) MOZA expanded their compatibility to allow certain MOZA steering wheels with a Fanatec wheel base.


Until this release, there were ways to attach any wheel to any wheel base, but it didn’t allow for data transfer or inputs on Moza wheels to be used in game.


But MOZA's latest release, the FSR Formula Wheel, includes a dedicated USB data port on the rear of the wheel. This data port allows you to get full functionality on the wheel, no matter which wheel base it’s connected to.


Here is what you’ll need to accomplish using your MOZA FSR Formula Wheel on a Fanatec Wheel Base:


- MOZA Universal Hub. This allows you to connect your MOZA FSR wheel via a cable to your PC.


- MOZA FSR Steering Wheel. The latest and greatest from MOZA.


- MOZA Wheelbase Mount Adapter. This allows you to physically connect your wheel to your wheel base.


- Fanatec Wheel Base. CSL DD, GT DD Pro, DD1, or D2. Any of these wheel bases will work in full function with Moza FSR.


- Fanatec Quick Release & Hub. The last piece you need to complete the retrofit. This is an important piece as the wheel base won’t provide any force feedback without a wheel attacked, and since the MOZA wheel doesn’t connect to the wheel base digitally, this piece tricks the wheel base to thinking there is a wheel attached.


Currently, only the MOZA FSR Formula Wheel is compatible with Fanatec Wheel Bases, but in future wheels we expect MOZA to continue this compatibility.


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