P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better) - Podium1Racing
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better) - Podium1Racing
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better) - Podium1Racing
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better) - Podium1Racing
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better) - Podium1Racing
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better) - Podium1Racing
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better) - Podium1Racing
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)
P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)

P2 Sim Rig Bundle (Better)

Regular price$10,999.00

Shifter & Clutch
DBOX Motion

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• Trakracer TR120 Sim Rig Chassis with DD Mount • RECARO Sim Star Racing Seat • Asetek Forte Direct Drive • Asetek Forte Wheel • Asetek FORTE Racing Pedals • Triple Monitor QHD 144+ Refresh Rate • Gaming PC with Nvidia RTX 40 series (VR Ready) • Logitech G733 Wireless Gaming Headset • Headset Hook • Keyboard and Mouse Tray • PC Shelf Kit • Surge Protector 
• Bundled Ships on a Pallet: (liftgate included)


Rigid 120mm x 40mm thicker-walled Aluminium Extrusion Profile - Anodized Black
Side-Mounted Wheel Uprights with 120 x 40mm Heavy Duty Brackets
Unique wide-end Chassis for greater support and aesthetics
Over 30 optional accessories


By far our favorite and most popular seats made by one of the best brands in the world. Extremely rigid and stiff while also padded everywhere. Want to feel like you're in your GT3? This is the chair.

Forte Direct Drive

The latest and greatest currently on the market, the Forte Direct Drive from Asetek provides great feedback and performance with the latest features. State of the Art quick release allows for seamless wheel change. LED lighting that pairs with the Racehub software allowing for complete customization.

18 NM Direct Drive with Quick Release

Forte Formula GT Wheel
  • 290mm diameter with default configuration. 294mm diameter with XL handles. 
  • 49 Total programmable aRGB LEDs 
  • 15 aRGB RevLEDs 
  • 6 aRGB FlagLEDs 
  • 12 Button aRGB LEDs 
  • 12 aRGB LEDs for backlit rotary switches 
  • 12 Push buttons, 2 two-way Toggle switches, 2 seven-way Kinky switches 
  • 3 twelve position Rotary encoders, 6 Thumb encoders
  • 2 Contactless Magnetic shifter Paddles with additional optional paddles being upgradable 
  • Injection molded Carbon fiber reinforced composite chassis with laser etched forged carbon structure 
  • 2 mm woven carbon fiber front face  

Newly released Asetek FORTE S pedals are included with this bundle. Heavy pedals with amazing precision and feedback along with customizable LED lighting. Check out our review here

Throttle System

  • 16-bit magnetic wireless hall TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) with no mechanical wear and zero maintenance
  • Custom throttle curves can be adjusted and 100% customized in the RaceHub software to mimic a real race car butterfly opening. For example, a linear curve in dry conditions and a progressive in wet conditions


  • Load cell will sense up to 180 kg of force on the face of the pedal plate with hardest elastomer 4000N depressed 12mm / until 2nd stage is engaged
  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm with integrated long durability ball bearings and bronze bushing at the clevis rotation point

Pedal Detail

  • Adjustable pedal stops
  • Adjustable travel settings
  • All-black anodized aluminum pedal base and pedal arms with CNC machined contrast cut 
  • All-black anodized aluminum smooth and sock-friendly pedal plates allowing hours and hours of comfortable use. The pedal plates can be adjusted vertically.
  • Pedal base with integrated heel rest and RGB LED that can be adjusted, dimmed, or turned completely off in the RaceHub software
AOC 32

1.7 times the pixel density of Full HD, QHD resolution boasts incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images; Experience a fuller view with more space to take in all the action. Ready to conquer enemies, lag, and blur; The ultra fast 144+Hz refresh rate handles even the most exhilarating scenes and super quick visuals

Triple Screen Stand

Stand alone triple screen monitor stand for up to 45" screens. The PC mounts to the back of the system with the included PC tray which helps to balance the stand.

Logitech G733 Gaming Headset - Podium1Racing

Wireless Gaming Headset

Wireless gaming headset designed for performance and comfort. Outfitted with all the surround sound, voice filters, and advanced lighting you need to look, sound, and play with more style than ever.


Keeps the PC off the floor and out of the way yet easy to reach for cable management and showing off the PC components. In addition, when using freestanding Monitor stand, this helps as a great counter balance.


The Trak Racer table top allows you to swing your keyboard out of the way when not in use, and under the wheel mount when you need a desk.


Outlet and USB surge protector to protect your systems components.

optional upgrades

DBOX 4250I

Worthy of the D-BOX name, they’re packed with the latest innovations in haptic technology to provide you with the ultimate realism, unparalleled durabilityand extremely precise feedback you’ve come to expect from them


For the first time ever, all individual G5 actuators come equipped with a voltage switch that allows you to instantly change the configuration between a 110V setup and a 230V setup


Fitting the G5 haptic system on your simulator Is easier than ever thanks to its compact design, which gives you considerably more space and makes it easier to manipulate

Plus, all data is managed by a new haptic bridge controller that features a simple, single USB connection Your system is also guaranteed to work for a long time with their new voltage protection


The DBOX haptic systems go beyond motion by providing users with consistent vibrations, regardless of load. This means you receive complete haptic feedback—allowing you to get the most out of your experience, with no shaker required

VNM / Asetek
Shifter and Clutch

For those that want a more engaging experience, we add on the VNM shifter (ships as sequential and can be converted to H-Pattern, parts included!) paired up with the Asetek Invicta Clutch system that pairs up with the Forte Pedal set.