Music City Grand Prix
Music City Grand Prix

Music City Grand Prix

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• Trakracer TR120 Sim Rig Chassis with Moza Mount • MOZA R21 Direct Drive • MOZA FSR F1 / Indy Wheel • RECARO Sim Star Racing Seat Asetek FORTE Pedals • Triple Monitor FHD 165+ Refresh Rate • Gaming PC with RTX 3070Ti (VR Ready) • Samsung 5.1 Sound bar and Sub • Stream Deck installed and Configured • Wireless Keyboard with Mouse pad • PC Shelf Kit • Surge Protector • Preloaded and Configured for Plug and Play • Caster Wheels for Transport • Custom Music City Grand Prix Livery 


Rigid 120mm x 40mm thicker-walled Aluminium Extrusion Profile - Anodized Black
Side-Mounted Wheel Uprights with 120 x 40mm Heavy Duty Brackets
Unique wide-end Chassis for greater support and aesthetics
Over 30 optional accessories


By far our favorite chair on the market. Extremly sturdy, comfortable and easy to clean.

This build INCLUDES a customer Music City Grand Prix Livery on the back of the seat for display.

moza Racing
r21 Direct Drive

21 Netwon meters of power, Moza Racing strongest wheel base. Fully customizable for different driving experiences and can be paired with smart phone to adjust on the fly. Perfect for support staff to adjust for different people.

moza racing
FSR Formula / indy wheel

The MOZA FSR wheel is a formula style racing wheel. A 280 mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion and ultimate racing experience, complete with a 4.3-inch built-in digital dash with 800*480 resolution display all the essential info racers need to know in the heat of competition.

Forte Pedal System

Inspired by real-life racing, the Forte Sim Racing Pedal set has been thoroughly tested by racers and sim racers alike. With that feedback in mind, the sim pedals are engineered and designed.The M.L.C.P.C.™ (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder)brake cylinder is designed to give you a realistic brake experience and is rigorously tested with up to 180 kg of pedal force.

Fully Adjustable

The design is engineered with user experience in mind, where all adjustable elements are colored to get you started quickly, and to ensure intuitive and mostly toolless use. The Forte sim pedals are highly adjustable to help you channel your inner race car driver, by changing the travel and hardness settings to your exact preference. And by using the Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ software, you’re ready to race in no time.

Strong and Durable

The brake cylinder features a custom-designed load cell sensor that detects actual changes in force on the pedal face, up to 180 kg of force on the pedal face itself (with hardest elastomer 4000N depressed 12mm / until 2ndstage is engaged) making it the closest you will come to a realistic brake experience.

Full HD Surround

For next level immersion, the Better Setup comes with Triple 32" FHD montiors. For better battling deep in the race, see cars on all sides with clearer picture of the apex and up coming turns.


Jaw dropping visual surround. Chassis Mounted Triple Monitor Stand that can hold up to three 45" monitors.

MSI Gaming

With more than enough power to run triple screens, run any current and next gen simulator driven by the latest Intel and RTX graphics.

5.1 channel sound

Sound bar and sub configured and installed on the system. Comes with remote and can easily be adjusted for different environments.

buttkicker pro haptic

Attaches to the base of the system, the haptic device adds a level of immersion by vibrating the system when the driver touches curbs, cracks, and more. Feel the wheels lose traction and quickly make adjustments with this addtional add on.

Stream Deck

Each button is compeltely programable. Perfect for the events to allow users to quickly adjust driver height and position, adjust volume, adjust forcefeed back and more. We will install and configure.

Caster Wheels

Since this system will be used in many locations and on the move, we will install industrial grade casters for ease of transport. Casters will have locks on them to lock once the unit is in place.

PC Shelf

To store the computer, we can stap the pc to this shelf to hold it in place while at location or during travel.

Surge Protector

To protect the system from surge as well as make the wiring easy, we will provide a power strip that allows everything to plug into it requiring just one standard outlet to power the entire system.

podium 1 support

PODIUM 1 will build out, configure and deliver the system to MCGP. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting MCGP with events and making sure things run smoothly and stay operational. We can do routine checks, updates and more to make sure MCGP events are a success.