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MOZA R16 Direct Drive - Podium1Racing

MOZA R16 Direct Drive

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MOZA RACING R16Direct Drive Wheel Base

With a huge 16Nm of torque, the R16 lays down an impressive torque range to accurately provide immersion that only direct drive wheels can provide. From GT to F1, feel every moment.

Ultra Low Static Torque

Feel everything through an optimized motor design, offering practically zero torque ripple, notching or cogging. Combined with powerful torque delivery, hard braking, curbs, and drifts are clearer and stronger than ever before.

Temperature Control

Enjoy reliable, steady temperature performance with the R series. Even for extended endurance racers, the R16 will never reduce output or attenuate due to overheating. Real-time onboard temparture monitoring means you will never miss a session.

262,144 Points of Resolution

The R16 encoder gives exceptional understanding of the wheel position, allowing for accurate, clear communication when racing.

Zero Latency Wireless Technology

Say goodbye to cords, with the ability to wirelesly transmit all information from the wheel to the R16.

Quad Core Architecture

No matter what condition, the R series' quad CPU reliably gives racers maximum precision for the ultimate simracing experience.

Remote, Cloud-based Control

Enjoy on-the-fly changes using the MOZA app! Force feedback, pedal settings and more can all be changed in real-time.