Wholesale Car Club "MODA" Bundle

Wholesale Car Club "MODA" Bundle

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Digital Dash


The "Better" of our all in one, ready to go bundles. Each of our bundles have been built BY SIM RACERS to ensure its a build that we would use. Sturdy, expandable Trakracer chassis, Simucube Direct Drive Motors, Wheels that provide functionality and look amazing, powered by a PC built by one of the best in the market, MSI.

120 × 40mm high-end aluminium

Rigid 120mm x 40mm thicker-walled Aluminium Extrusion Profile - Anodized Black
Side-Mounted Wheel Uprights with 120 x 40mm Heavy Duty Brackets
Unique wide-end Chassis for greater support and aesthetics
Over 30 optional accessories


High density foam construction.
Material - Ultra-soft cloth
Padding - High Quality Foam
Harness System Ready - Side
Weight Restrictions: Up to 160kg (352 lbs)

Important - Suitable for race simulators and not for road use.

Simucube 2
Sport Direct Drive

17 Nm Torque22-bit sensor

Simucube 2 Sport wheel base delivers serious amounts of juice to bring up adrenaline-filled sweat to the skins of the drivers.

Tahko GT-21 Wheel

Two digital and adjustable magnetic paddles, 7–way switch (4 directions, rotary encoder, middle button),Ten high-quality industrial-grade buttons, Rotary encoder Wireless technology utilizing Simucube Wireless Wheel System, 320 mm. lightweight CNC-Finished steel flat GT-Rim with durable Suede fabric finishWeight 2.1 kg.

Clubsport V3 Pedals

Clubsport V3 Pedal Damper kit (Hydraulic) Included

Clubsport V3 Pedal Brake Performance Kit Included

Throtle and Brake Vibration, Load Cell and Adjustable.

Nothing will make you faster than a set of good pedals. We are using the latest and most advanced technology to give you that competitive edge.

chassis mounted
triple monitor stand

Jaw dropping visual surround. Chassis Mounted Triple Monitor Stand that can hold up to three 45" monitors.

Full HD Surround
Triple Screen Monitors

For next level immersion, the Better Setup comes with Triple 32" FHD montiors. For better battling deep in the race, see cars on all sides with clearer picture of the apex and up coming turns.

INCLUDED Accessories

Gaming Headset

Wireless gaming headset designed for performance and comfort. Outfitted with all the surround sound, voice filters, and advanced lighting you need to look, sound, and play with more style than ever.

Keyboard and Mouse Tray

The Trak Racer table top allows you to swing your keyboard out of the way when not in use, and under the wheel mount when you need a desk.

PC Tray

Keeps the PC off the floor and out of the way yet easy to reach for cable management and showing off the PC components.

SURGE Protector

Outlet and USB surge protector to protect your systems components.