Dean Tozer Custom

Dean Tozer Custom

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• Trakracer TR120 Sim Rig Chassis with MOZA Mount • RECARO PRO Sim Star Chair • MOZA R21 Direct Drive Wheelbase • MOZA FSR Formula Wheel • MOZA GS Round Rally Style Wheel • Forte Pedal Kit with Clutch • VNM Shifter and E-brake • Triple Monitor FHD 144+ Refresh Rate • Free Standing Monitor Stand for Triples • ASUS Bezel Free Kit • Buttkicker Haptic System • Headset Hook • Keyboard and Mouse Tray • PC Shelf Kit • Surge Protector • Custom Livery Wrap for RECARO. 

TR120 Aluminum Chassis

Strong and Rigid! Outfitted with the mounting plate for the MOZA Racing Drive System, Longer Shifter Arm and Mounting Box, Adjustable Pedal Plate and Chair Sliders.

R21 Direct Drive

Moza's Strongest direct drive base. Completely adjustable and uses bluetooth enabled app to adjust on the fly while in the sim.

Sim Star Pro

Our sturdiest and most comfortable racing seat. Made from the pros at RECARO this seat feels like the real thing and made to drive in for countless hours.


MOZA's newest addition, this wheel has all the features including a 4.3" built in screen. 10 color changing push buttons, 5 rotary dials, 2 thumb encoders, 2 joysticks, carbon fiber shifter and clutch paddles. Everything is adjustable.

MOZA RS Racing

Perfect for Rally and Drift, this round leather wheel has 10 push buttons, 2 encoders, 2 joysticks with carbon fiber shifting paddels.

FORTE 3 Pedal system

A new kid on the block touted as one of the best load cells on the market. Adjustable both mechanically and through the software these pedals can be fine tuned. Comes with additional elastomers and stiffer springs for adjustment. Adjust the LEDS in the software.


Inspired by real-life racing, the Forte Sim Racing Pedal set has been thoroughly tested by racers and sim racers alike. With that feedback in mind, the sim pedals are engineered and designed. The Load Cell Brake cylinder is designed to give you a realistic brake experience and is rigorously tested with up to 180 kg of pedal force.


The design is engineered with user experience in mind, where all adjustable elements are colored to get you started quickly, and to ensure intuitive and mostly toolless use. The Forte sim pedals are highly adjustable to help you channel your inner race car driver, by changing the travel and hardness settings to your exact preference. And by using the Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ software, you’re ready to race in no time.

VNM Shifter

Machine grade metal shifter. Has great feel and clicks when shifting. Quickly adjust from Sequential shifter to H patten in minutes. Comes with everything needed to get shifting.

VNM E-Brake Rally

Attaches directly to the Shifter, this E-brake looks and feels like the real thing. Adjustable stiffnes to the drivers liking.

Gamer PLUS

ButtKicker® Gamer PLUS® is the new and upgraded sim racing and gaming haptic hardware that reproduces immersive, accurate and powerful sim racing, flight sim, and gaming effects - making your lap times faster and your gaming experience better.


Make Bezels disappear within seconds. Bends the light from each monitor blending the image, creating what looks to be one single screen.


Pairs up with the TR120, this stand allows users to adjust the screen distance while mainting a tight foot print. Allows for addition of motion platforms in the future, if desired.

Triple 32" HD Monitors

Tons of screen space with the refresh rate needed to see everything quickly and accurately.


Keyboard and mouse tray

A swiveling keyboard and mouse tray for easy access when needed and just as quickly moves it away.

PC Storage Tray

Attaches to the Monitor Stand to hold the pc off the ground while providing counter balance to the weight of the monitors.

6 outlet surge protector

Surge protector with enough outlets for this entire build with extra USB ports to attach phone charging or other.

Headset Hook

Attaches directly to the rig to store headsets when not in use.