ASCARI Formula Turnkey
ASCARI Formula Turnkey
ASCARI Formula Turnkey
ASCARI Formula Turnkey
ASCARI Formula Turnkey
ASCARI Formula Turnkey

ASCARI Formula Turnkey

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Motion and Haptics

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• Trakracer TRX Sim Rig Chassis with DD Mount • TRX Racing Seat • Asetek Forte Direct Drive • Asetek Forte Formula Wheel • Cube Controls SP01 Formula Pedals • Samsung G9 Ultrawide Monitor • Gaming PC with Nvidia RTX 40 Series (VR Ready) • Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound System • Keyboard and Mouse Tray • PC Shelf Kit • Surge Protector • Preloaded and Configured for Plug and Play


• Assembled Ships in 60" x 60" x 60" Wooden Crate (monitors not installed for safety) (liftgate included)



Developed alongside Alpine F1 engineers
Switch between Formula and GT seating position in minutes
Beautifully designed and extremely adjustable
Optional Integrated Monitor Stands
Includes Seat Slider Rails, Seat Brackets, Gear Shifter mount and more
Sliding adjustment on the Wheel Mount and Pedal Mount

Trak Racer are proud partners of Alpine F1 team and Airbus Aircraft


The Alpine Racing TRX has been improved to withstand up to 180kgs of braking for force without flex. We have also added pre-drilled mounting points for more new pedal sets on the market and the slide function on the Alpine Racing TRX remains - so you can get those pedals exactly where you need them!


The tool-free wheel deck on the Alpine Racing TRX has slide, height and angle adjustment and can move between Formula and GT Driving position faster and more sleek than any other cockpit on the market.


Smart drivers need smart seats and gone are the days when you needed tools and 10 or more minutes to adjust a seats height and angle. The intelligent Alpine Racing TRX seat assembly; designed in conjunction with Alpine F1 Team Engineers provides tool-free seat changes in under 10 seconds.

Trak Racer has developed a seat with feedback from ergonomic specialists to develop identical adjustment settings that place the driver into the best possible position. This will not only improve comfort, but also the long-term health of the driver.

Forte 18nm Direct Drive

The latest and greatest currently on the market, the Forte Direct Drive from Asetek provides the best in performance, the top tier in strength and feedback, with the latest features. State of the Art quick release allows for seamless wheel change. LED lighting that pairs with the Racehub software allowing for complete customizartion.

Asetek Formula Wheel

Inspired by real-life formula cars, the Asetek Simsports®Forte®Formula Steering Wheel has been thoroughly designed by racers and sim racers alike to live up to the feeling of real-life racing, and at the same time adopting sim racing feedback. With this and other feedback in mind, Asetek started from the ground up and a clean sheet of paper on a mission to create the best possible sim racing formula wheel

Cube Controls
SP01 Formula

The SP01 Pedals ensure superior precision. The Carbon Fiber throttle plate, smooth and robust, perfect for the TRX for both Formula and GT Racing. The brake with its 200kg load cell ensures rock-solid feedback with several springs and rubber dampers compressible elements available to combine for the perfect setting. Our proprietary software will make the rest, ensuring options for the smoothest calibration.

49" Samsung g9

SAMSUNG'S LARGEST 1000R GAMING MONITOR: Get your head in the game with the 49 inch Odyssey G9, which matches the curve of the human eye, for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain, and the screen space of two 27” panels.

CUTTING EDGE QLED TECHNOLOGY: From deepest blacks to vivid colors, Samsung QLED ensures pixel perfect picture quality with every frame; Utilizing Quantum Dot technology, it creates more vivid colors with 125% more color space compared to sRGB

5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System
  • 5.1 digital surround sound: Hear every detail in your Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks the way the studio intended. Sub woofer: 165 Watts
  • THX certified home theater speakers: Your assurance of true cinema quality sound.
  • Delivers a continuous 500 watts of power, with the ability to deliver a peak of 1,000 watts under certain circumstances: Provides rich audio and thunderous bass that let you truly hear and feel every detail
Logitech G733 Gaming Headset - Podium1Racing

Gaming headset and Hook

Wireless gaming headset designed for performance and comfort. Outfitted with all the surround sound, voice filters, and advanced lighting you need to look, sound, and play with more style than ever.


Keeps the PC off the floor and out of the way yet easy to reach for cable management and showing off the PC components. In addition, when using freestanding Monitor stand, this helps as a great counter balance.

Dual Surge Protectors and CABLE management

Everything needed down to the surger protectors. Literally just two plugs to plug into one outlet and you're ready to get racing.


DBOX 4250I

Worthy of the D-BOX name, they’re packed with the latest innovations in haptic technology to provide you with the ultimate realism, unparalleled durabilityand extremely precise feedback you’ve come to expect from them


For the first time ever, all individual G5 actuators come equipped with a voltage switch that allows you to instantly change the configuration between a 110V setup and a 230V setup


Fitting the G5 haptic system on your simulator Is easier than ever thanks to its compact design, which gives you considerably more space and makes it easier to manipulate

Plus, all data is managed by a new haptic bridge controller that features a simple, single USB connection Your system is also guaranteed to work for a long time with their new voltage protection


The DBOX haptic systems go beyond motion by providing users with consistent vibrations, regardless of load. This means you receive complete haptic feedback—allowing you to get the most out of your experience, with no shaker required